Looking to become an ambassador and to join our wellness scheme?

We are currently looking to work with local fitness leaders to put on events within the local area helping to grow and nurture engagement in the wellness industry by creating opportunities for the public to take part in events whilst also helping to grow local fitness and wellness leaders.

We are looking to collaborate with and produce a platform for people involved in the mental well-being, health & fitness industry to grow, while at the same time trying to help engage people in events who may not normally be inclined to do so.

Our wellness scheme and how we are planning on going about this

We are working with industry professionals such as yoga instructors, martial arts instructors, personal trainers, running coaches and Pilate's instructors to provide free taster sessions for people who may never have had the opportunity to try activities like these before. 

By offering an easily accessible session with no payment required, we make it easy for people to attend and take part.

Ambassador information: 

  • We will create a ambassador page’ for you on our website with a picture of you, a small bio, links to your social media pages and contact information.

o   - e.g. https://enhancedbiotics.co.uk/pages/ambassadors Toby Davies, Courtney Jerome and Selina Ratcliffe (more people to be added soon)

  • We will look to stage a free event (such as yoga, fun run, martial arts, gym session), which we will promote and cover the costs of.  This may involve doing a letter drop, a few social media posts, newspaper articles, online advertising and reaching out to local Facebook groups to help promote it.
  • For everyone who wishes to come, we will ask them to sign up on our webpage but will always keep you fully in the loop as to numbers, location and timing, which we will agree on with you before we organise.


What are the benefits for you?

Our two primary business goals are enhancing people’s well-being and performance both physical and mental. We are looking to promote this throughout every community and we’d love for you to be a part of this. We are looking to create a network of passionate people within these spheres that can continue to promote well-being throughout their communities together.

  •       Promotion: Free promotion in the form of marketing your free event as well as promotion on our socials coupled with exposure on our website with our traffic increasing monthly.
  •       Increased client base - after the events we will ask for people’s feedback. Should people be interested we will then pass over all the booking details to yourself and if you so choose to help you to arrange a weekly event.
  •        Content for your social media pages. We will happily send over content for your social media pages we will also offer to take photos of the events for you to use.
  •     Product samples – we will happily send out a product of your choice for you to try every month. We currently only have a small product offering but are aiming to add 6 new products by the end of June with more to follow.
  •    A 15% discount code to any friends or family who want to buy anything through you. 10% of all income goes to you. 

What we ask from you

  • To host one monthly event. We will supply you with a t-shirt for the session. Other than that, it’s over to you to host the session in anyway you see fit.
  • To post one social media post advertising the
  • To post one post about becoming an ambassador 

What we WON’T do

  •   Fill the session in promotional material and make the session about us   
  •   Ask you to promote our wellness supplements at the event

If this is something that interests you please feel free to email info@enhancedbiotics.co.uk.