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Enhanced Biotics are collaborating with some of the most motivated wellness industry professionals around. Our Ambassadors are passionate about helping you achieve mental and physical wellbeing and have agreed to run some free events with us to give you the chance to take part. Have a look at our ambassador profiles to see which of them may be able to offer you a way in to a new activity for the future.

Toby Davies

Personal Trainer


07947 407597

Personal trainer and bodybuilder. Toby competed in the UK drug free central England chamiponships and won the novice category and then came second in the UK drug free novice bodybuilding category. Toby has used CBD oil for nearly a year now and has found a wealth of benefits. If you would like to know more about Toby and his story please feel free to watch the video on our homepage.

“I love bodybuilding because it gives me a focus and drive to keep achieving and progressing.It installs discipline and a hard work ethic.”

Selina Ratcliffe

Yoga Teacher


Selina worked in London for over 10 years in the financial sector and found yoga to relax and break away from the daily stresses of corporate life. After attending numerous yoga workshops and seminars all over Europe and India, she took a leap of faith and decided to train as a yoga teacher. She successfully undertook 6 months of training in London, where she qualified as a Hatha yoga teacher under the Yoga Alliance UK, she has never looked back since. Selina teaches a combination of classic yoga postures, mindful movement, breathing exercises, and relaxation practises. Building on strength and flexibility whilst harmonising the body, breath, and mind.

“I love to share my yoga practice and I believe that yoga is for everyone, and am continually inspired by the transformational benefits of this healing practice on and off the mat.”

Courtney Jerome

Personal Trainer/Competitive Bodybuilder


Courtney has been a competitive body builder and a personal trainer for many years. He has been amazingly successful at helping his clients reach their health and fitness goals whether they are to lose fat or to gain muscle mass and tone, Jerome's clients before and after pictures speak for themselves. He is an advocate for men's mental health and runs a free weekly class for anyone struggling with mental health issues to come along, and encourages his clients not only to work out but also to talk about whats going on in their lives.

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