Cannabis oil products ‘could be off the shelves in a year' - The real story

You may have read a news story recently that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have sought to remove CBD oils, edibles and balms from UK stores by 2021. 

The reality is that actually CBD products have been confirmed as safe for public consumption and credible CBD manufacturers are finally being provided with a clear path to proving that their standards are compliant.

This is the first big step to having a properly regulated CBD industry. Only registered products i.e. third party lab-tested products being sold by accredited retailers will be allowed to be sold which will help build trust between the public and CBD.

So companies that have validated novel food authorisation applications of which the application needs to be submitted before the 31stof March 20121, will be allowed to continue selling their CBD products.

FSA Confirm CBD products can continue to be sold without enforcement

This is what the Industry needs if it is to survive and thrive. Too many companies were set up in the wake of the UK being told that CBD could be sold as a food supplement. Many people felt they could make a quick sale without considering the impacts on the people they sell to or the industry as a whole and therefore low qualities, untested and unsafe Oils were being sold.

Even the major retailer Holland and Barret were discovered to be selling CBD oil that was four times over the legal THC content limit. Their supplier Jacob Hooy. In the future, regulating authorities will need to clamp down on companies that do not provide lab reports for their products, and companies that are not accredited by a proper authority to help the industry thrive.

Education for the public regarding CBD will need to be more readily available. We need to help them identify which retailers can be trusted and which cannot, and how to identify a good quality oil from a bad one.