Cant sleep? You Need To Use Reishi mushroom supplements.

Ever go to bed at night feeling' wired,' either from work, worrying about the family, or do you maybe you drink a lot of coffee and feel it's affecting your ability to relax? Its one of life's great cruelties getting ready for bed, lying down, and knowing that there's no way you'll be falling asleep for a good three hours yet.

Bad sleepers often try lots of different supplements to no great avail. Recently though, the term Adaptogens has been taking the world of wellness by storm, Adaptogens include products like CBD, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, but lately, medicinal mushrooms have begun to gain in popularity with one in particular for those who struggle with their sleep.

Reishi mushrooms are medicinal mushrooms with a whole host of exciting benefits. Having been used for decades in places all over the world to help promote calmness and relaxation, studies are now unlocking the science behind these incredible fungi, and new companies are finding ways to make the experience more enjoyable by allowing consumers to incorporate their daily dose into their coffees and teas.

What Is Reishi Mushroom?

Lingzhi (Reishi mushroom) is a polypore mushroom that is soft (when fresh), corky, and flat, with a conspicuous red-varnished, kidney-shaped cap and, depending on specimen age, white to dull brown pores underneath.

It grows annually at the base and on stumps of specific hardwood trees, in particular maple and oak. Unlike Chaga, another medicinal polypore mushroom, which is growing on living trees only, Reishi, grows on both dead and living trees, which makes cultivation much easier to do.

Reishi mushroom for sleep

Reishi for stress and anxiety

Reishi mushroom has an extraordinary ability to calm the nervous system and promote deep relaxation, with many people describing the level of relaxation as being on a par with that of a meditative state, which could explain why many meditators use Reishi before their practice.

A study of 132 people with neurasthenia found a significant reduction in fatigue and improvement in overall wellbeing after using a Reishi supplement for eight weeks. (2)

Reishi for our Gut health

Our gut health is essential for looking after our mental wellbeing and also sleep quality.

Seventy-five percent of our immune system is located in the gut; 80 percent of neurotransmitters also reside there, including 90 percent of our serotonin (the feel-good hormone), which is also synthesised and produced in the gut.

Mushrooms have been proven to be full of beneficial prebiotics. Prebiotics are substances that feed the probiotics, which in turn help, stimulate, and grow the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Reishi has also shown in studies to influence the composition and ratio of bacteria (Firmicutes: Bacteriodetes) and reverse gut dysbiosis (imbalance), which can occur due to poor diet, stress, diseases, inflammation, weak immune system, and parasites.

Reishi mushrooms for sleep

The powerful combination of effects on both gut health and stress and anxiety contributes to a much better night's sleep. Stress is one of the most significant factors affecting how well we sleep, so drinking a Reishi tea before bed is a great way to relax and unwind.

It's also believed that the terpenoid compounds in Reishi help soothe the nerves and promote a sedative action that can positively affect neurasthenia and insomnia. Long-term use of Reishi was also shown to increase slow-wave sleep (deep sleep) 

All in all, Reishi affects multiple areas of our wellbeing that contribute to a better night's sleep.

Where Can I Buy High Quality Reishi In the UK?

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