How Your Omega 3‘s and CBD Are More Similar Than You Think

Some of us may take have taken Omega 3 capsules or Cod Liver Oil before. Either to help us concentrate or simply to look after our general wellbeing, but not many of us know why they are essential.

A simple way to understand why they are essential is by picturing them as the 'Gatekeepers' of what's known as the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).  

The ECS is a complex cell signaling system responsible for regulating sleep, mood, and the amount of pain we feel, among other things. Its comprised of Endocannabinoids, Receptors, and Enzymes that break down the endocannabinoids.

Omega 3's and Omega 6's are the building blocks for our bodies naturally occurring Endocannabinoids, which play a crucial part in the functioning of the ECS.

They are broken down into the endocannabinoids that are involved in the functioning of the ECS. The type of Fatty acid we consume influences the effect we get. I.e., if we consume more Omega 3's, we get more of specific results than if we consumed more Omega 6's.

A 2009 study showed that Omega 3 could play an essential role in helping those that suffer from depression, and studies on animals suggest they can play a further role in reducing anxiety and boosting cognitive function.

One study suggested that Omega 3 may be of some benefit for Parkinson's patients, and another study showed that for individuals aged between 51-72 years old, a five-week course of daily omega-three could help improve their cognitive function. The anti-inflammatory effects of Omega 3 could even benefit those with Rheumatoid Arthritis, helping reduce the pain and the need for certain medications.

The Ratio between the amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 we get is vital to our wellbeing, and interestingly, Hemp seeds and Hemp Oil are one of the few foods that contain what is believed to be the near-perfect concentration of both for human beings.

CBD is derived from Hemp and may also play a role in supplementing the ECS. It's suggested that CBD can boost enzyme activity that helps us to produce more of our naturally occurring Endocannabinoids and, therefore, aid the work of the ECS.

What about Paracetamol?

Even after 100 years of using Paracetamol, we still can't agree on how it works. It's suggested that Paracetamol may work in several different ways. Two of those ideas involve the Endocannabinoid system.

Paracetamol changes when ingested and activates the THC (delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol) receptors while simultaneously similarly increasing the volume of endocannabinoids as CBD is proposed to.

So incorporating Fish Oil or CBD Oil may be a great way to supplement the Endocannabinoid system as studies show that both can potentially have a positive impact on its function.

Is CBD Oil Legal In The UK?

CBD Oil is entirely legal in the UK. The FSA approved the sale of CBD Oil years ago. Because CBD is non-intoxicating, it means you can consume CBD Oil and experience its benefits to your ECS, such as reduced pain, lowered inflammation, better sleep, and reduced stress and anxiety levels, to name a few.

The only guidelines you need to be aware of are these:

1. CBD is legal in the UK as long as it does not contain more than 0.2% THC, which is a controlled substance under the Misuse Of Drugs Act 1971.

2. CBD is Legal in the UK provided that it is derived from an industrialised Hemp strain that is approved by the EU or comes from outside the EU.

To learn more about the legal status of CBD, read our article that covers everything you need to know about the legality of CBD in the UK. 

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