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CBD for Womens Health

Can CBD improve Womens Health?

CBD for Womens Health

Are you looking for a supplement that could help relieve the symptoms of PMS or even menopause? well keep reading to find out why CBD may be the best available product on the market for improving multiple areas of female health.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of over 113 components of the cannabis plant, but don't panic because it will Not get you high unlike the THC that can also be found in the cannabis plant.

CBD is a phytocannabinoid (plant based Cannabinoid) and has the ability to influence the functioning of our endocannabinoid system which is in charge of regulating mood, sleep, pain among other things but is mainly in charge of keeping our bodily systems in a state of balance.

CBD for Womens Health

Why is CBD so popular?

CBD has generated a lot of talk in the wellness industry and is popping up in all sorts of places from CBD Oils and CBD capsules to Bath bombs and CBD infused toothpicks and we're sure there will be even more bizarre products to come.

You may still be a little worried about buying something that has such close ties to marijuana, but its been deemed perfectly safe by the FSA (food standards authority)  who state clearly that all CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC to be sold legally. So Look out for lab reports on CBD products before you buy anything. 

Lots of the products poping up are touting CBD’s potential natural remedies of which it seems like there are countless things it can help with and different people it can benefit.

But why does it have such a vast array of potential uses?

Well CBD acts upon the functioning of our ECS or endocannabinoid system. The ECS helps maintain function of multiple different areas of health in the body and mind and seeks to keep each system in perfect balance or, if you remember the term ‘homeostasis’ from you biology lessons at school.

Then why might CBD be of interest to women in particular?

Well, as CBD helps us to maintain a balanced internal environment, it could help with issues such as hormonal imbalance and high levels of stress associated with things like PMS and menopause.

There is no evidence yet that says CBD can have a direct positive influence on menopause, however it may help with the other symptoms menopause causes such a preventing sleep loss and may  help to treat some of the anxiety that can also have an impact on sleep.

In fact one study showed that CBD could help to regulate the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) secretion, on top of that hemp based products contain lots of omega 6 fatty acid which is also known to help regulate hormone levels.

CBD may also provide a solution for dealing with the symptoms of PCOS and endometriosis, which are common conditions among women that can cause severe pain of the ovaries and lead to low mood, irritability and higher levels of inflammation. Taking CBD for PCOS and Endometriosis may help relieve some of the symptoms.

CBD is now being put into multiple beauty products as a 2014 study suggested that it can help reduce acne breakouts due to its ability to regulate oil production in the skin (sebum production). CBD’s ability to effect skin health may be why its also being used in products looking to treat eczema, psoriasis and skin rashes.