Why is CBD so expensive?

You’ve definitely heard people talking about CBD before and thought to yourself… maybe I’d like to give it a try, then you’ve seen the price and thought .....maybe not.

Understandably, when we see the price of CBD oil it can be off putting for many of us, especially when you consider how small the volume of oils are.

But, there are some clear reasons for this.

Overseas Imports

Due to the lack of infrastructure in the supply chain from growing hemp up to extracting the oil many sellers have to get their raw materials from abroad particularly from countries like the USA. As you can imagine the shipping costs on these shipments can be rather expensive. 

In some cases particularly from  foreign growers the oil can be contaminated with heavy metals from the soil they were grown in, or in other cases a low cost extraction method was used leaving potential impurities. This can have an adverse impact on our wellbeing, making buying the product counterintuitive.

The extraction process

The best CBD oils are extracted using CO2 extraction, which gives a clean and solvent free oil, meaning all of the beneficial cannabinoids you want from your CBD are still intact, and the concentration of CBD in the oil is more likely to be accurate.

The CBD extraction process is very labour intensive. There are a lot of steps
involved in the process of manufacturing CBD meaning it can be a very slow
procedure from harvest to sale which generates high costs. Again as time goes on and the supply chain improves we can expect costs to come down. 

Payment systems

One other thing you may have noticed when looking to buy CBD is that the credit
card payment systems may be different to most other online stores you’ve used

This is because it has been extremely difficult for companies selling CBD to find a payment provider willing to work with them and the ones that do specialise in ‘high risk processing’.

Incorporating a provider in the UK can cost a lot of money, plus monthly fees that can also run high each month.

Agricultural practices

When you consider the new equipment required especially in the extraction process, licenses that need to be obtained, land area that needs to be bought and also the strict testing the product must undertake before it can be sold then we can start to see why the oils are so expensive to begin with.

In addition to the seeds, labour costs for cultivation and harvesting,
and farming equipment, farms will have to handle certain licensing procedures.

The circumstances and prices vary based on state, but companies growing and
distributing these plants will have to go through certain reporting, testing, and
licensing requirements, which can be very pricey.

The future

As technology improves and the supply chain begins to adapt we can expect to see prices steadily fall.

Things to look out for when buying CBD: 

Always look for the cannabis trades Association badge on the website page. They are usually located near the bottom of the website.

Also look for the CBD lab test reports, to ensure your buying a high quality and safe product with an accurate CBD concentration.


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