Which Strength CBD Oil Should I Take?

When it comes to CBD oil it can be hard to know where to start, especially when thinking about buying an oil, so Enhance have put together a guide for working out which strength CBD Oil you need to use and some helpful tips.

Which Factors Determine the CBD strength you need?

Body Weight 

The Body Weight of an individual plays a significant role in the dosage they will require. A larger body weight will more likely require a larger dose of CBD Oil, which isn't necessarily fair but is the case more often than not.

Individual Brain Chemistry

Every individual will respond slightly differently to CBD based on their individual brain chemistry. It is important to remember however that CBD is non psychoactive so you will not experience any 'high' regardless of your brain chemistry.

What You're Treating

The symptom you are looking to treat with CBD Oil can play a part in determining the right strength CBD Oil for you. For example those looking to use CBD oil for anxiety will often notice some relief even with the lower strength CBD oils whereas if you want to use CBD Oil for chronic pain it is more likely that you will require a higher strength CBD oil to get noticeable results.

Where Should I Start?

There are a few different things you can do. If you are looking to treat anxiety or pain and inflammation then order your CBD Starter Pack to help you determine the perfect strength for you. For those looking to use CBD For sleep, Enhance recommend ordering a 10 ml bottle of which the strength should be determined by your body weight which we will discuss below.

For those who don't want to use a CBD Starter Pack, use the table below to calculate which strength Oil you should start with and a guideline for the recommended number of drops.What Strength CBD Should I Use?

Where Can I Buy High Quality CBD Oil?

Buy Your CBD Oil From Enhance and take control of your wellbeing, naturally. Enhance CBD Oils are all third party Lab Tested, Organic, extracted using supercritical Co2 extraction and mixed with MCT Oil to deliver you with the best tasting CBD Oil and help you to manage your wellbeing the natural way.

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