Reishi For Fatigue

Medicinal mushrooms are now becoming one of the latest in a long list of buzz topics in the wellness industry, a long list that often includes supplements that can be ineffective or a snake oil. This can be frustrating for many of you who are simply looking to look after your wellbeing, for what ever reason you may have, so you will be happy to hear that there is real substance in the claims that medicinal mushrooms really are effective at improving overall health and wellness.

Reishi Taking The Lead

Reishi mushroom which has been labelled the mushroom of longevity in the eastern world, is leading the mushroom pack in terms of popularity. This is because it offers a range of different benefits and these benefits are significant and therefore noticeable to its users.

Reishi for fatigue

Reishi is an adaptogen, i.e a plant that can help the body combat stress. Stress when left unchecked can become chronic and lead to a lot of wear and tear physically, mentally and on a cellular level that can lead us to feeling extremely fatigued. 

One study with 132 participants suffering neurasthenia (physical and mental exhaustion) were given a compound found in Reishi mushroom was shown to improve aches, pains and feelings of irritability and another study also showed that fatigue reduced and quality of life was improved in a group of 48 women who had survived breast cancer who were given Reishi powder after 4 weeks.

Reishi itself has rich antioxidant properties which can help to promote the balance of biological systems to reduce fatigue.

Better Sleep Means Less Fatigue...You Dont Say.

Reishi mushroom has also been shown to improve sleep quality. Reishi can help to induce a state of relaxation so powerful that it is often used by meditators to help them prepare for meditation. 

Reishi helps to balance your body by promoting homeostasis of both body and mind (specifically, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-axis). They also work to relieve stress and support cortisol production. For this reason, studies have found adaptogens act as sleep aid.

Where Should I Buy Reishi?

When it comes to Reishi, you can't just buy any old reshi supplement. The way the Reishi has been grown will significantly impact how beneficial the Reishi becomes. Reishi mushrooms should be grown on wood if they are to be high quality. Reishi grown on oats will offer little to no noticeable benefit and can cause some to think of reishi as a waste of time.

Enhance's Reishi Powder is log grown and produced in Canada by Namme, one of the worlds leading mushroom suppliers and delivers you with high quality Reishi mushroom that can help you to eliminate any fatigue you're suffering from, leaving you feeling like the real you, naturally.

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