Don't Buy Your CBD Oil From Amazon

Don’t Buy Your CBD Oil From Amazon.

If any of you are like us and were curious to see what sort of prices amazon were offering on CBD Oils, then you may have had a quick browse on their site and been blown away.


Immediately we found one product stating that it contained 20,000 mg but only costing £20; this is so far out of line with what’s being sold on the market currently that we thought we should take a closer look. 

Don't Buy your CBD Oil From Amazon

This was when all enthusiasm was lost. 

Buying CBD Oil On Amazon: The problem.

The Agricultural Improvement Act, 2018, legalised CBD derived from hemp plants under federal law, however, as of writing, the FDA has not provided any real regulations for high-quality CBD or CBD products, unlike for THC. 

Without FDA regulation, online stores like Amazon haven’t changed their policies regarding CBD products yet.

The truth is: Amazon strictly prohibits selling any products containing CBD. 

To get around this issue, many brands have decided to label their products as ‘Hemp Oil’ or ‘CBD hemp seed oil,’ instead of using the term CBD. You might also see the word tincture being used.

Despite this technically being against advertising law, it’s become general practice in the industry, with customers quickly becoming used to it.

As it turns out, many of the products labeled as CBD oil on Amazon are doing this in reverse. Labeling them CBD oil, when in reality, they are hemp seed oil products or just hemp extract with no CBD content at all. You can also see this with CBD Gummies and CBD Creams or other products that may have been made with industrial hemp.

How do I make sure I’m buying legitimate CBD oil on Amazon?

The unfortunate truth right now is that, when buying full-spectrum CBD oil on Amazon, you can’t be 100% sure that what you’re buying is a genuine product, with any CBD content.

Unless you can buy from a brand that you already know and trust, buying CBD oil, whether 3rd party or proprietary, from Amazon, is not advised, and shouldn’t be considered a trustworthy source for CBD products.

While Amazon is brilliant for almost anything until the FDA creates stricter regulations and Amazon can enforce actual CBD content in their product range, you should buy your CBD oils from a more trustworthy source.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality CBD Oil In The UK?

Make sure you are getting the best quality CBD Oils to ensure you get the maximum effects possible from your Oil. Buy an Enhance CBD oil that has been carefully sourced and is extracted in the UK to give you the freshest CBD Oil likely. Using supercritical CO2 extraction meaning, you receive all the natural and beneficial parts of the hemp plant without any nasty chemicals and delivering you all the useful components you need to improve your wellbeing.

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