Beginners guide

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Welcome to the beginners guide, in this guide we'll go through everything you need to know about CBD. 

How to take?

Step 1

Squirt required dosage into the pipette

Step 2

Place end of pipette under tongue and squirt required dosage

Step 3

Hold CBD oil under your tongue for between 60-90 seconds before swallowing

Beginners recommendation:

We usually recommend starting off on a low dosage and working your way up. Dr Phillip Blair who has been studying CBD for years states: ‘The best way to work out your dosage is start small and increase gradually, adjust it accordingly, increase or decrease the dose depending on how you respond’.

Dosage guidance:

Drops: Take between 3-5 drops twice a day morning and night. Place the dropper underneath your tongue and squirt the required dosage leave the oil in your mouth for up to one minute before swallowing.

Capsules: Take one capsule in the morning and one at night.

How much and How long does it last?

How long each product lasts depends on your dosage and how much you take it. As mentioned the recommended dosage is between 3-5 drops to start with.

Taking this once a day will give you two months usage where as taking 3-5 drops twice a day will give you around one month’s usage.

5ml: Around 125 drops this will last you between 2 weeks and a month with regular usage.

10ml: Around 250 drops this will last you between 1-2 months with regular usage:

300mg capsules: 30 CBD capsules this will last you for 30 days taking one capsule every day. 

what is cbd?

CBD is short for cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of 113 naturally occurring chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that are found in the Cannabaceae genus of plants.

The number of species within the genus is disputed. Three species may be recognized: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis ruderalis.

Unlike the more commonly known tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in marijuana - a cultivar specifically bred for recreational and psychoactive use - cannabidiol (CBD) is usually extracted from Hemp and is not 'psychoactive' in the same way. 

In other words, cannabidiol (CBD) won't make you 'high'.


The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system composed of endocannabinoids, which are endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors, and cannabinoid receptor proteins that are expressed throughout the vertebrate central nervous system (including the brain) and peripheral nervous system.

The endocannabinoid system is involved in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive processes including memory, mood, pain sensation, appetite and sleep.

CBD and the endocannabinoid system

After absorption, the CBD finds its way into your bloodstream, where it can travel around the body to interact with cannabinoid receptors, such as CB1 and CB2, as well as non-cannabinoid receptors, such as the vanilloid receptor TRPV-1 and the serotonin receptor 5-HT1A.


Although it is impossible to overdose on CBD, it is important not to exceed the maximum dose. As you get to higher doses you may choose to take CBD three or four times per day while still not exceeding the maximum of 200mg per day.

You should also always buy from a verified buyer. 

The current lack of regulation in the UK encourages the sale of CBD products with varying degrees of quality to enter the market.

You can avoid this potential risk by showing some common sense in your product sourcing. Do your checks and make sure the retailer you're buying from clearly demonstrates the origins and ingredients of their CBD Oil.

You might also want to ask to see any test certificates they have to validate their claims.

For example, we're proud to state that all of our CBD products are produced in the UK. All contain no more than trace elements of THC (less than 0.2%). In addition, our products are 100% lab tested and bought from licensed growers whom are members of the UK cannabis trade association as are we. 

If you have any more questions please feel free to drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


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